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Proudly independently owned and operated, Complete Food Services has been supplying quality food products to Melbourne’s cafés, restaurants, hotels and retail food outlets since 1991.

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…A one-stop-shop for the food industry, Complete Food Services carries an extensive range of national brands, private labels and exclusively imported products.


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“I use Complete Food Services as they are accessible to our needs, provide prompt and friendly service, deliver regularly and have a large product range on offer. Complete Food Services are always looking to expand there range of products and to stay competitive in the hospitality restaurant service industry. The service that Complete Food Services offer is the most important benefit for our business and I like to ensure that we are dealing with a professional company in our industry. Three words that describe Complete Food Services are competitive, prompt & reliable.”

Joe Tizio, Head Chef

“The reason we went with Complete Food Services is because of the great service that there repersentitives provide and the fact that they know there product and they will always go out of there way to help you. Most importantly, Complete Food Services are reliable and I know that I will get my product when I need it and that it will be the product that I ordered. Complete Food Services can be best summed up as reliable, offer great customer service and have a large range of products on offer.”

Domenic Pipicelli, Head Chef

“Complete Food Services offer competitive pricing, reliable service and a great product range. I regard Complete Food Services as organised, professional and friendly.”

Darron Paul, Head Chef